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Miguel “El Skipper” Quintero. Welcome to a New Way of Leading!

Our focus is on promoting transparency in government, This campaign supports and nurtures side-hustles to drive entrepreneurship and economic growth. Effective tax spending and innovative government services that enhance safety and efficiency is forefront to our endeavors.
Miguel “el Skipper” Quintero

A Brief Introduction to Us

Welcome to a New Way of Leading!

The Mayor's role as the executive of strategic authority is to promote economic development and wealth creation, social development, and improvement of the environment. The Mayor also has various other duties in relation to culture and tourism.

Our innovative approach to leadership emphasizes transparency and accountability through live cameras in the Mayor's office and street journalists documenting our official activities. This open governance fosters public involvement and trust in our decision-making processes. While live coverage provides real-time updates, ensuring citizens are well-informed, we also respect privacy and handle sensitive information through private meetings. By setting a positive example and valuing citizen journalism, we seek to build a stronger bond with the community, encouraging their active participation and constructive feedback in shaping our county's future. Empowering citizens through this transparent and inclusive approach remains our central goal.

New Way of Leading!

A Hero 4 Mayor

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We are committed to restoring honesty, integrity, and accountability to government. Explore our principles.

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Explore my main political program and learn more about our vision and how we can achieve our goals.


Our Mission
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Vision for the County

My Political Vision

Arts & Culture

Our approach to the arts and cultural industry is to be celebrated and renowned for our innovation, experimentation, entrepreneurial spirit, and willingness to take risks. This will account for a widespread appreciation of the music, books, and films produced, that could further contribute to the county as it is one of the most visited destinations globally.

Housing & Land

As a team, we champion equity in land and housing, respecting private property rights and streamlining zoning and building permits. Committed to state regulations and codes, we ensure compliance and fair practices. Together, we implement best practices for neighbor disputes and assist individuals with zoning, building, and compliance, fostering a vibrant, equitable community for all.

Policing & Crime

Transparency and accountability in police communication are vital for fostering trust with the public. A citizen-first approach to policing prioritizes empathy, active listening, and addressing community needs, leading to a safer and more cohesive environment.


The transformation of landscapes in urban areas by human intervention significantly modifies the natural environment, simplifying it to accommodate human needs. Even seemingly minor acts, like construction and building, contribute to this modification of the natural world. It is essential to emphasize the importance of community approval and thoughtful consideration in such endeavors to strike a balance between human progress and preserving the integrity of our environment.


As the county Mayor, we will leverage our influence to advocate for the reflection of our county residents’ and taxpayers’ wishes at the state level. State governments play a significant role in establishing educational standards, overseeing public school systems, and mandating standardized tests, often in collaboration with state colleges. On the other hand, private schools enjoy the freedom to shape their own curriculum and staffing policies, providing greater flexibility in their approach to education.


Volunteering for a local political campaign provides a unique chance to actively engage in the democratic process, expand the campaign’s reach, and raise awareness about critical issues. It offers valuable insights into politics, cultivates leadership and teamwork skills, and fosters a sense of civic duty, empowering individuals to make a meaningful difference in their community.

Arts & Culture
Housing & Land
Policing & Crime

What People Say About Me

“I have seen Miguel turn regular people into superheroes. Average humans turned into flying and flipping machines. He has done this through trust-building, tenacity, and most importantly, leading through example. It is no easy task to convince someone to jump off a 30ft platform into another’s arms, yet he does this daily. He has helped me overcome many fears through his special coaching style and likewise he has built a community that pushes and cherishes each other as family. If he can do all that through the circus, I can only imagine what he can do as a Mayor. Miami would be lucky to have him.”

Camilo Plata

Camilo Plata

“Miguel “The Skipper” Quintero is the successful owner of a thriving small business and an accomplished performing artist. His unmatched style, unflagging energy and independent vision make him a candidate like no other!”

Mary Ingram

Mary Ingram

“Meeting Miguel and Gaby 3 years ago was a life-changing experience. This amazing husband and wife team evolved from being my flying trapeze instructors, to becoming my dearest friends and life coaches! I have also witnessed them making an extraordinary impact on the local community. Their compassion, positivity, & enthusiasm are infectious! I hold the greatest admiration for this incredible couple for all that they have sacrificed to help others. They are truly role models of our society.”

Robin Moore

Robin Moore

Starting September 29st, 2023

Come to my home for a Show and a Chat

All proceeds go to supporting this campaign and a vision for a better Miami-Dade County

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