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**TICKET CHOICES:** Participants will need to select one of the following admission types: – **General Admission** – **Premium Admission** – **VIP Admission** In addition, if you plan on driving, you’ll need to opt for a **Parking Admission** ticket separately. **IMPORTANT: PARKING NOTICE** Due to the unique nature of our SHOW and CHAT event being hosted at my residence, **we cannot facilitate parking on-site**. Parking is available at a designated off-site location for a separate cost of $25. Ensure you purchase the parking pass ticket separately, and kindly look for it when arriving. To avoid the parking fee, we recommend using a Taxi, Uber, Lyft, or arranging to be dropped off. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation on this. Please be aware of the following donation guidelines: – All contributions are considered donations. – Donations are capped at $1,000 per individual. – Due to election laws limiting cash donations to $50, we are not accepting cash donations at this event as it would hinder our efforts. If you’re inspired to contribute more, please connect with Miguel ‘el Skipper’ Quintero directly. He can guide you to our PAC, where you’re free to donate as generously as you’d like, beyond the $1,000 limit. For a comprehensive view of contribution reports from all candidates, including Miguel ‘el Skipper’ Quintero, visit this website.

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